Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gay Marriage will not lower suicide rates

In debating homosexuality, one is likely to encounter something using this logic.

1. Homosexuals are more at risk for suicide
2. The cause is discrimination
3. Gay marriage will solve the problem.

I will go down each point and address each of them.

1 - Homosexuals are more likely to commit suicide then heterosexuals

This is true. The gay crowd often does not agree with this, however the intelligent ones agree with this argument and use it to their advantage. Depending on the study, the facts differ. For example, one study claims homosexuals are 5 times more likely to commit suicide then heterosexuals [1]. 73% of psychiatrists argue homosexuals are more "unhappy" then heterosexuals. 20-30% of homosexuals are alcoholics, and 78% of homosexuals have STD's. 50% of suicides are done by homosexuals when they are only 1-4% of the population. Some estimates say they are 25 times more likely to commit suicide [2]. N.E. Whitehead uses the 8 times figure.

2 - The cause is discrimination

Of the 73% of doctors who think homosexuals are more unhappy, 70% think the cause is not discrimination. As stated, the many other problems in the homosexual community (pedophilia, drugs, STD's. high abuse rates [homosexual vs homosexual] etc.) cause suicide [2]. NARTH breaks it down this way:

Early Self-Identification as Gay: Subjects who had viewed themselves as homosexual or bisexual at an earlier age were more likely to attempt suicide.
Early Sexual Activity: Teens who had attempted suicide were more likely to have had sexual experiences at an early age.
Broken Homes: Only 27% of suicide attempters had parents who were married (vs. 50% of the non-attempters).
Sexual Molestation: 61% of the suicide attempters had been sexually abused (vs. only 29% of the non-attempters).
Illegal Drug Use: 85% of the attempters had used illicit drugs (vs. 63% of non-attempters).
Illegal Activities: 51% of the attempters had been arrested (vs. only 28% of non-attempters).
Prostitution: 29% of the attempters had been involved in prostitution (vs. 17% of non-attempters).
Gender Conflicts: 36.6% of the attempters were classified as feminine (vs. 17.7% of non-attempters) [3].

Other studies find 2/3 of gay suicides are because of relationships, not discrimination. Studies done in the Netherlands--which is tolerant of gays and has gay marriage--are at higher risk of suicide then heterosexuals hinting the fact discrimination is likely not the cause [4].

N.E. Whitehead notes in a 2010 study that homosexuals are sexually abused more often and that those people where more at risk for suicide then other homosexuals meaning sexual abuse may be a reason. Gender discrimination was found to have little effect, however racial discrimination seems to have a large effect. There is a correlation with AIDS/HIV and poor mental health, and homosexuals are at higher risk of getting AIDS. They also note there is little support for the discrimination hypothesis in academic circles. Abuse from parents is more likely to cause suicide then societal discrimination, and allowing gay marriage would not solve parental abuse, would it? Unlikely, especially due to the fact homosexuals are more likely to be pedophiles. Two studies, Whitehead notes, in 1995 argue discrimination and bullying is not the reason most homosexuals do suicide. A 1988 study also finds areas where homosexuality is accepted have little difference in suicide rates compared to the "bigoted" USA. A 2002 study really is a killer, as the suicide rate has remained stable and the age which suicide is usually committed (the mean) is dropping, as the acceptance for homosexuality rises. This shows acceptance goes up, more/no change in suicide occurs. A 2006 study finds most suicides are not caused by discrimination, rather other factors usually predominate. Most gay suicides are done by blacks, further supporting the point that racial, not gender, discrimination is the cause. A 2009 meta analysis and a 2003 study both find legalization of marriage and supporting homosexuality has no effect on the suicide rate. Another 1995 study finds discrimination only accounts for 5% of the gay suicides. A 1978 study (the one cited above, source 4) argues relationships are mostly the cause for suicide. A 1995 book studies the causes for gay suicide, and it is mostly caused by relationship problems. Overall, homosexual suicide is mostly intrinsic and cannot be solved with gay marriage [5].

Now, I am not arguing no homosexual has been killed because of discrimination or bullying, however I am arguing that reason is not a large contributor to gay suicide, and this leads me to believe SSM wont lower suicides.

3 - Marriage will help!

Unlikely. Divorce rates are higher among homosexual couples in countries where SSM is legal and abuse is also high. In Denmark, where gays are tolerated, their have extremely high suicide rates even with these "tolerant" laws [6].


SSM will not lower suicide rates, please stop with these weak arguments if you support SSM.

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  1. Excellent
    Pity people who support it do not read this.

  2. It's sad that, instead of treating homosexuality as the risky, harmful behavior (to individuals, families, and society in general) we're so focused on the emotional aspect that we think we're helping people by accepting it.

    It's very similar to the massively negative impact teenage sexuality has had, and how we're more worried about making sure parents don't find out than we are to teach children the significance of physical relationships.

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  4. The homosexual lifestyle is not normal, and spreads and causes so much disease. No one seems worried about how much disease is being spread through society, or how they are teaching our children that it is a healthy, normal lifestyle,when in fact it shaves on average 20 years off of a homosexual man's life. I don't hate homosexuals, I have great compassion for them. Satan is deceiving so many people and killing them in the name of false love. Then, Christians get blamed for the suicides by trying to save their souls and lives.


  5. This article describes my situation perfectly. I have SSA, yet I am completely unhappy. People tell me that it's because I'm being "discriminated" against or whatever, but that is not the case at all. Having the attractions makes me unhappy. Hence, I am strongly against SSM and don't believe that there is such a thing as homosexual "love." God has really been fighting for me because to this day, I can say that I am chaste and have preserved my virginity. Praise the Lord!